Birth and Postnatal Doula Services

Supporting women and families before, during, and after birth

The "fourth trimester" - or the first three months of a baby's life are magical!  I am honored to share in this time with families as a post-natal doula.  Whether you are having your first, second, third, or .....last child, I can help you, the baby,  and your partner transition into your rapidly changing life.   I can help you bring some calm and order into the chaos a new baby can create.

My focus is on both mother and baby (or babies!) , and I follow the DONA model to be NEAR:  nurture, educate, assess, and refer.   I provide comfort and support so you can rest and heal from giving birth.  I can help you get established with breastfeeding or formula feeding.  I can teach comfort techniques for fussy babies.  I can assist with household chores so you can take care of yourself and the baby.   I can help you find resources for issues that arise,  acclimate to your new routines,  and process your birth experience. 

I can tailor my services and availability depending on the time and support you and your family need.  I am available week days, evenings, and occasionally on weekends.  I do not currently provide overnight support.  In that case, I would recommend you work with a night nurse or newborn care specialist.

 I charge hourly fees for post-natal doula services and require a minimum of eight hours of work with each client.  My hourly fee varies depending on circumstances.  I can discuss hourly rates and package options during an interview.  I typically require a 25% deposit on hiring, and the balance paid weekly while I am providing post-natal services. 

I encourage you to interview at least two or three doulas, to find the right fit for you and your support partner(s).  If you choose to interview me, I provide an initial one-hour  consultation free of charge.